Equine Therapy at Falcon Ridge Ranch

girl enjoying her equine therapy program Working with horses teaches girls compassion, empathy, self-discipline, and understanding as she works with and cares for her horse.

Through their interaction with the horses, our young women build relationship development skills in a way that no other therapy approach can offer.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

At the heart of Falcon Ridge Ranch is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or Equine Therapy.

Equine Therapy sessions are a collaborative effort between the therapist, equine specialist, the horse, and the student – experienced in the open air and in an almost magical environment. Through equine therapy, students learn and practice skills of patience, self-confidence, empathy, compassion, and trust.

Horses communicate through body language, and learning to watch for, and listen to, this body language helps the girls watch and listen for similar language among their peers, parents, and families.

Our girls practice techniques of building healthy relationships by establishing a safe and trusting relationship with a horse. Learning to trust a 1,000-pound horse, and gaining that horse’s trust, helps each young woman overcome personal barriers, learn responsibility, and accept accountability.

Parents may also get involved in the equine therapy process. They will learn the proper way to care for, handle, and lead a horse. Questions such as “Should I force the horse or let it go free?” will be addressed, as comparisons between the horse and their child are discussed. This will provide an unforgettable experience for both parent and child.

Whether your daughter has little experience with horses or none, equine therapy offers an exciting, fun, and therapeutic approach at changing and improving lives. Equine therapy is often successful where many other therapeutic approaches fail.

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