Treatment with Tradition

counselor explains the falcon ridge ranch therapeutic model At Falcon Ridge Ranch, therapy is integrated into the entire experience and the environment. It’s not something that happens at only specific times and places. It happens throughout the entire day for each girl’s entire stay. Therapists, teachers, and residential staff all work together to tailor the program for each young woman – day by day, hour by hour, for the length of the program.

As teachers present lessons, assignments, and coursework – each can be adjusted to assist in individual therapeutic goals and needs. Similarly, residential staff are aware of how each young woman is doing in academics and therapy, and are able to structure activities, projects, and work assignments to fit her current needs.

Our teachers, therapists, and residential directors meet regularly to coordinate goals and assignments, ensuring that the entire experience at Falcon Ridge Ranch is focused on reaching the individual therapeutic goals of each young woman.

Our Therapeutic Model

Falcon Ridge Ranch uses multiple therapeutic modalities to help the girls reach their individual goals.

Our specific treatment modalities include:

Equine Therapy – At the heart of Falcon Ridge Ranch is our Equine Therapy Program. Working with horses teaches girls compassion, empathy, self-discipline, and understanding as she works with and cares for her horse.  Through interaction with horses, our young women build relationship development skills in a way that no other therapy approach can offer. Our Clinical Director, an EAGALA Advanced Certified Therapist, and other licensed therapists present activities and challenges that bring a new light of life and promise.

Group Therapy – This consists of a minimum of ten small group sessions weekly. These groups include substance abuse, problem-solving, emotional management, safe dates, and specialty groups designed for specific treatment needs. All group processes foster emotional growth in a safe and confidential setting.

Individual Therapy – This is provided to each student with a minimum of one session weekly. Sessions help students gain insights into their individual behaviors and establishes a trusting relationship with their therapist. In this setting, students process personal issues or issues too sensitive to share with a group.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment – This treatment is specifically designed to address the intra-personal and family issues that fuel adolescent addiction. Recovery is facilitated through group therapy, AA/NA meetings, community meetings, and co-dependence groups that follow a twelve-step format.

Family Therapy –This is provided via weekly teleconference. Parents contribute to treatment as an integral part of the program. Falcon Ridge Ranch encourages families to visit during planned family weekends. During family weekends, each family participates in therapy with their student’s therapist. Parents and children also participate in parent support groups, parent-teacher conferences, workshops, and graduation ceremonies. Family involvement is an essential part of the recovery and healing process.