Accredited Academics & State Certified Educators

teen benefitting from an academic program At Falcon Ridge Ranch, we work hard to provide an individualized education experience to each student in a challenging and nurturing environment.

Academic educational plans are tailored for each student to remediate academic weaknesses, improve study skills, and bring students up to or beyond grade level. Students develop the academic foundation and motivation necessary to progress academically and achieve lifelong success.

We offer the following academic services:

  • Accreditation through Cognia
  • Utah state-certified administration and teachers
  • Utah state-certified special education teachers, 1-12 teacher-student ratio
  • Educational and vocational testing, including the Woodcock Johnson III (battery A and/or B), cognitive ability and achievement tests, career interest surveys, school/education surveys
  • Student Education Plans (SEP) and Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
  • Six-week progress reports and term report cards
  • Direct classroom instruction, tutorial instruction, self-paced independent study, and colligate academics
  • Year-round school with academics five days a week
  • Classes offered in English, Math, Science, Physical Education, Social Sciences, Vocational Education, Fine Arts and Electives
  • General Education Development (GED) preparation and testing available
  • SAT and ACT preparation and testing
  • Academic summary and official transcripts denoting credits earned
  • Professional collaboration for academic transition with high schools and colleges nationwide
  • High School Diplomas, college application counseling, and letters of recommendation
  • Augmented learning with Edgenuity